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Koszyk jest pusty


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Strategic management software, created exclusively as a decision support system for universities. It comes in a form of a new generation management simulator with extensive data input/output capabilities and, of course, generous strategy and policy evaluation tools. The software is open to accept your ideas for managing the university/school/faculty/department future and immediately presents possible outcomes of your decisions. All this based on real data, imported from your information system and scenarios, based on your policies.

What questions can be asked? Well, person educated in systems approach would answer – “It depends on managed system structure”. Generalized university structure, which forms a cornerstone of the UniversitySim shows what elements are included and therefore manageable and traceable:

-          Finance – budget - income – expenses – grants – self-supporting students

-          People – students – teachers – other staff – quality

-          Programs – subjects –languages – quality – popularity

-          Research – grants – publications – equipment – research quality

-          Admissions – alumni employment rate – programs quality – free capacity – marketing

Anything related to these variables might therefore form the question. Are we going to be financially self-reliant? Is our programs quality at sufficient level? What about research productivity in terms of cumulative impact factor and grants volume? Are our teachers making progress in their academic career and are we going to have enough manpower to guarantee classes capacity? All this and many more in/for the next ten years! The only technology in the world that deals with feedbacks, delays, nonlinearity and complexity of your organization!

 If you have more questions, send us your message, please.