Business Model Simulation

Business Model Simulation

Some of you might came across a book called "Business Model Generation". Some of you might even tried to create a business model using a "canvas" described in the book. It surely helps to organize your ideas using the canvas structure - a synthesis of various business models. There is also a software available for the canvas that allows user to input some data and "simulate" the proposed business revenue, expenses and profit using a spreadsheet calculations.

We had a different idea. In order to get correct output you have to have a correct structure. Omitted parts of structure (resources, competition, people, buying behavior, nonlinear relationship between price and willingness to buy...and many others...) will seriously change the business output. Are these taken into account in you own business model? Congratulations if the answer is YES. If you are not sure or your reply is NO right away, try our Business Model Simulation package.

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