November 2-3, 2017 - Prague, CZ - Modeling in Vensim - write us for more details.

Novermber 10, 2017 - Prague, CZ - Dynamic Balanced Scorecard I+II courses

November 28-30, 2017 - Prague, CZ Advanced Vensim modeling - write us for more details.

Detailed information can be located in our shop, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Vensim 7.1 is out!

The Systems Thinking Guide, second edition is sold out! The new edition will be available in 8/2017.

Our Systems Thinking Guide sold out! Thank you for your great interest in the book!

Vensim 6.3 is out!

    A 64-bit beta version is available for download to Vensim Pro and DSS
    users who are current with their maintenance. It’s full-featured and
    supports huge models.

  •     improved random numbers and sampling
  •     Big improvements to Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Simulated Annealing performance
  •     Improved speed in stochastic optimization, with support for the File sensitivity control option

 ... and many more

We’re working with a running port of the Vensim shared library to iOS (iPhones and iPads). Tablet performance is surprisingly
competitive with desktops, and more than adequate for many models, even for instant simulation with Synthesim®. We don’t anticipate
building models on handheld devices any time soon, but we think this will be an attractive option for running complex models in simple
environments. A Mac OSX shared library (.dylib) will also facilitate cross-platform interface development, with Vensim as the simulation

Contact us for licensing and details.